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Tired of hearing our annoying voices day in and day out on our highly insightful and humorous podcast? Don’t have time to listen to an entire podcast for the information we offer? Check out our amazing blog today for all of our podcast breakdowns as well as business updates, industry highlights, and much more.


Looking for someone that truly ‘gets you’ on a deeper level? Someone that isn’t afraid to speak their mind and be proud of it? How does two of those people in a kitchen together discussing the latest investment news sound? Check out our awesome weekly Podcast which airs every Monday for just that—and so, so much more.

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01. We’re not afraid to speak our minds

In our modern society, it can often feel like you’re continuously walking on eggshells. That’s where we come in. We have no fear of breaking a few eggs to get a deeper message across. We’re not afraid to tell you like it is both on and off camera. Sounds interesting? Then, we’re the Podcast for you.

02. We have extensive experience and a desire to teach others

Not everything about our podcast is jokes and sarcasm. In fact, we pride ourselves on our extensive background in property management at our company Moon Ridge Property Management in Maryland. With decades in the investment and business industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our viewers and readers with insight and tips they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

03. The world isn’t black and white anymore

Let's face it; our world is far from black and white nowadays. In fact, it’s mostly gray in color and in nature. However, it’s within these gray areas that our greatest ideas, most beautiful memories, and funniest moments often reside. The same can be said for Investor’s Kitchen. We don’t just rely on the black and white methods to get our points across anymore. Instead, we focus on providing this information in the most unique and entertaining way possible.

04.Investment shouldn’t be boring

Back in the day, investment and money was the boring and often faux pax thing to talk about. Nowadays, money is the center of everyone’s attention—and for good reason. Opportunity continues to knock but only some of us know how to answer that crucial door in our lives. This is why the Investor’s Kitchen Podcast was born.

Instead of giving boring stock market trends or statistics that all too often leave you feeling hopeless and exhausted, we bust our butts to provide you with the best and most engaging investment insights and approaches possible. We can’t wait to hear your input both on our blogs and our Podcast as well! Come see what’s cooking in the kitchen—and get a grasp on life today!

What Others Are Saying

Mark and Susan are very knowledgeable and take the best care of my clients.

Shannon Bowers
Abingdon, MD

Been a client of Mark & Susan Rosenfeld for going on 3 years now & they have been nothing but kind & understanding professional people. I recommend there service. Good people!

Netta Wagner
Baltimore, MD

We have been working with Mark for the past 6 years on a property that we own. We have been very pleased with the services provided. When there is a problem with the property we are notified right away and the problem is taken care of.

Diane Nussbaum Bark
Baltimore, MD

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