Do You Think This Stock Photo Model Knew he'd Become our Site Mascot?

Probably. I mean, just look at him.

How We Co-Create Huge Momentum:

01. Focused Intensity...

We STAY FOCUSED on our mission and what matters, intensely.

02. Over Time...

We Maintain our FOCUSED intensity, over Time. Every work day, every work week. Through the year.

03. Multiplied by our Belief in Something (anything) Greater Than Ourselves...

We understand that our skills, energy, and time are FINITE. We need to “plug into” the power of something greater than ourselves. This will increase our momentum sevenfold.

Equals Unstoppable MOMENTUM!

Meet The Team

Mark Rosenfeld


Mark is no stranger to the investment industry—or the no-bull mentality that comes along with it. Now, he’s dedicated to helping others that aren’t as informed make the best investment decisions possible. Find out more about Mark every Monday on the Investor’s Kitchen Podcast.

Susan Rosenfeld


Susan isn’t your average stay-at-home suburban mom. She’s a strong, independent businesswoman with a keen eye for what works—and what doesn’t. Ever heard the phrase, “Behind every great man is a great woman?” Well, that’s where Susan comes into play every Monday on the Investor’s Kitchen Podcast.

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