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We're Here to Kick Ass and Rent Houses...

...and We're Actually not out of Either at the Moment

Why we do What we do

We rent houses. It’s not sexy or exciting—we get it. In fact, much of our business is slow, methodical,  and highly detail-oriented. It’s often very basic and boring. Collecting rent, fixing leaky toilets—pretty mundane stuff really.  But, HOW we do it is what makes Moon Ridge so unique. It’s also why we feel watching us talk for long periods of time every week might be fun to do.

Housing is part of my ministry. By ‘my’ I mean me as in Mark and, for the record, I’m Mark. I am also an ordained, interfaith minister and, in addition to mentoring youth, my ministry is truly my housing.

My wife and business partner, Susan, based our business, Moon Ridge Property management,  on the ministry of providing, “Good Homes For Good People”. It’s the foundation of all we do. We believe safe, sacred space is necessary for all to grow and thrive.

We work with passionate and focused intensity, to that end—and it works.

We pore over the details and document nearly everything we do in a myriad of ways to make sure the good homes we provide our clients with STAY GOOD.

We sweat the details with a depth and focus no one can beat. BUT, moon ridge is so much more than just that as well:

Everyone Wins or we Don't do it

This is our take on the golden rule. WE WILL ALWAYS WALK AWAY if someone has to lose. It’s just how we do it. I believe there is almost always a way to make all parties involved win. It’s part of my personal mission of spreading the word and practice of enlightened capitalism.

Always be Honest

If omitting something changes the truth, that’s still a lie. WE ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH.

Have Courage

Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard. We lean on each other and whatever higher power/s we look to in order to help us find the courage to do that right thing every time.

Have Compassion. Be Kind.

We do all things with kindness in our hearts and minds. There are many times in our business when we have to do hard things. Court filings, evictions,  delivering bad news. It’s part of the job. We hold the boundaries that protect our clients with compassion. we say “no” as gently as we can.

This is who we are, this is what we do, this is how we do it.

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